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Photography Magazine Interviews Ana Brandt Photography | MEMBER





Did you go to school to study photography?

Yes, and I have taken many workshops.


How long have you been a newborn photographer?

16 years


How many newborns do you average per year?

Well over 300.


On-Location or Studio or Both?

Studio and On-Location


What gear do you use?

5d mark III  canon usm II 24-70  canon 70-200mm canon 50mm  canon 85mm sigma 35


How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Very important – I photograph newborns with peely skin and pregnant mamas!  We need photoshop – not to be overdone though!


Are you a MAC or PC lover?



What has been your career path?

I went to school first for Accounting – then I became a certified web designer – then a photographer


How did you make the transition from aspiring photographer to professional newborn photographer (making a living)?

I was an amateur for ten years while I went to school and worked. I really had no intentions of being a pro. When I moved from East to West I registered my business and just went for it. I quit my high paying web design job and jumped in.  It was before I had kids, so I had plenty of time to give it 100%.


What are the ingredients for a successful newborn photography career?

Persistence, patience and lots of love.


Have you seen your any changes to you clientele as a result of the saturation in the market?

Oh yes!  It is always changing.  I think my clients aren’t looking for the cheap photographer, but someone stable, with consistency in their work.  As long as I stay current and focused my business grows.


What are some elements by which you would consider an image great photography?

The attention to detail – sharpness – cleanliness and a clear focus of what the image is trying to portray


What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera? 

My 5-n-1 reflector – must have!


What lighting equipment do you use? 

I have an Einstein PLM and I also use Alien Bees


How do you ensure you remain inspired?

I look at inspiration as part of my daily duty. The minute I stop being inspired, then boredom happens and lack of creativity.  Every single work day I spend some quiet time alone before I pick up my camera, and it allows me to focus, jot down ideas and focus on the new ideas.


If you could have one super hero power what would it be?  Why?

To be in another place in moments…like I Dream of Jeannie…because my family is in NY and I love to travel.  I have met photographers all over the world teaching and traveling with my family.  I would love to wiggle my nose and be in NY or Italy at a moment’s notice!!  If I could have a second it would be to read people’s minds!