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Death of Photojournalism


In every industry some professionals will always thrive, and some will be left behind.  In times of change and very stiff competition, businesses have to adapt in order to survive that change.  However, in the professional photography industry is that enough?   Photojournalism is a particular form of Professional Photography that captures images in an order to tell a detailed story and capture a moment in time.  It had been predict that the death of photojournalism was right around the corner.  It has arrived!  Traditional Professional Photojournalism is dead.

Has Instagram and Social Media killed the professional photojournalist?  Recent headlines would lead us to believe it has:

  • Chicago Sun-Times fired its whole photography staff of 28
  • CNN Fires Photographers
  • Portrait studios abruptly close in Walmart, Sears and Babies ‘R’ Us stores related to financial struggles

In our next series we will examine the current state of the Professional Photography Industry and present discussion relating to:

  • A Professional Photography Survival for the “new” Photography Industry
  • How to beat your photographic competition on talent not price!
  • Niche Marketing for Professional Photographers


We spoke to many professional photographers and business coaches to gain some practical tips on how photographers can navigate this new environment.