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Photography Magazine will choose the best digital cameras of 2014, including the best digital SLR cameras, the best compact digital cameras, the best megazoom cameras, and much more.  Our reviews will focus real world behavior of the cameras.  We will NOT be taking close looks at MTF Charts.  If you know what a MTF chart is you probably do not need to read a review!  If you have 10 lenses with red rings you probably don’t need a review to tell you what your next camera will be.  All our reviews will be for people who just want to know what will be the best camera for their needs in their price range.

2014 Canon Camera Reviews,

2014 Nikon Camera Reviews,

2014 Sony Camera Reviews,

2014 Olympus Camera Reviews,

2014 Panasonic Camera Reviews,

2014 Pentax Camera Reviews,

2014  Samsung Camera Reviews,

2014 Best Cameras for Beginners

2014 Best Cameras for Enthusiasts

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