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How important is Photoshop in your final images? 

I try my best to get it right in camera but Photoshop is very much needed to do skin edits & finishing touches.


Are you a MAC or PC lover?

PC!  I am currently using an Asus Pro and I LOVE it!

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What has been your career path? 

I think it happens like this for many of us- I started by taking photos of my pets when I was little, then my children and friends kids & the word started spreading!


How did you make the transition from aspiring photographer to professional newborn photographer (making a living)?  

I have always loved photography- and wanted to get into it on a more serious level about 10 years ago but I couldn’t quite afford it . I am also a stay at home mom and didn’t want to worry about childcare so I started a small home business about 7 years ago making hair accessories, I also ran a small online kids clothing store too that I absolutely loved doing but I’ve always had a plan to save up for camera gear & courses.  I also wanted to wait until both of my children were in school before I started on a ‘professional’ level- so it all worked out great & everything fell into place at the perfect time!

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What are the ingredients for a successful newborn photography career?  

I would say it’s an even mix of skill ,education, marketing and determination!   When I first started in newborn photography, a photographer I once looked up to told me that I was better off taking pictures of flowers and bugs ( I also love doing macro insect photography on the side!).      I didn’t let comments like that discourage me, because if I did- I would have quit before I even started!   This actually applies to any business/passion/hobby- you need to be determined and never give up, because anything that is worth while is not going to be easily achieved!



Have you seen your any changes to your clientele as a result of the saturation in the market?

Not at all, I am actually busier than I’ve planned to be!   However, there is more than enough to go around where I am based- so I feel we are all as busy as we’d like to be!

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What are some elements by which you would consider an image great photography?

It really really depends on the genre of photography as to what I look for when considering what makes an image ‘great’!     In newborn photography, I love to see the tiny details, soft even lighting (I do like shadows too on occasion!)  clean edits & posing- less is more .   With that being said, there’s so many different styles out there and I definitely appreciate and admire pretty much all of them!


What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera? 

My Sigma Art Series 35 MM lens – it rarely leaves my camera in the studio!


What lighting equipment do you use? 

For modifiers I use a 74 inch Octa, 60 inch Octa, 86 inch PLM and for lighting an AB400.

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How do you ensure you remain inspired?   

Learning and more learning!  I set goals to learn something new everyday.  I love making goals and achieving them.  I also follow my favorite newborn photographers on social media and I absolutely love sharing my knowledge with other photographers that are new to the newborn industry. I love watching others succeed and making new friends along the way!

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If you could have one super hero power what would it be?  Why?    

Hmm I am thinking a power like Elastigirl from The Incredibles!   So my arms, legs and body can stretch to get the perfect camera angle no matter where I am!